I don’t know about you, but for me a word of mouth reference goes a long way.  Below you will find what some of my clients have to say.

“Leah handles my personal payroll account with Five Star Real Estate Network. She is very personable and always helpful with any question that I may have. Leah responds immediately to inquiries and has done a few Q & A’s at our office during tax season to update our agents and staff on new tax laws. This has been super comforting to know you have someone to turn to with constant tax law changes. Thanks for all you do Leah!”  Nancy K.

“Leah’s has been doing my taxes for over a decade now…they do an excellent job and they make it so easy and affordable! Recommend them for all my teamster buddies that I work with!”  Tod O.

“I have hired accountants in the past but never received the type of stellar service that Leah provides. Leah will go above and beyond to make your daunting task of accounting simplified!Barbara T.

“Leah Anderson took care of my company books and my personal taxes for many years.  She is an asset to my company and since she moved I have missed her work ethic.

She still works for my company doing data input for work we do here in northern California.

She has always been a hard worker and will continue to do part-time work for me as long as I need her.

You can always rely on her to get the job done correctly, quickly and with all explanation sent to you in a language you can understand.”  William M.

“Leah is an extremely driven individual that strives to do the best for all her clients. She has excellent written and verbal communication skills, her primary focus is on finding the road that works best for each client. Leah is a true professional and would be an asset to any organization or individual that hired her for accounting services. The name says it all, Leah’s Accounting Solutions, because she finds a new solution to the problems at hand!”  Joel B.

“Leah has always excelled at any project or task that I have given her to solve. She built multiple reports for me to condense my financial information in a presentation that made sense. The processes she implemented cut the time it took to prepare our financial statements from 4 days, down to 12 hours, start to finish. Leah is a tremendous asset to our company!”  Lina K.

“Leah has a Solution for all our Problems!”  Jan C. Owner Realistic Resolutions Group, LLC

“Last year at tax time I was told I owed money, there was no other options out there. I went looking for a second opinion and found Leah at Leah’s Accounting Solutions. She got down to the nitty gritty and asked question after question after question. My old CPA missed multiple deductions for over the road truck drivers, and I didn’t realize the property I inherited and used as rental could be a benefit. I highly recommend Leah, she works hard for her clients to get them what they deserve!”  Todd C.